JETMeE Program promote the close collaboration by placing the management staff in the headquarters in Japan and Europe.

Management Staff of the University of Tokyo


Name and Title Academic Field Research Subject
Beomjoon KIM, Professor(Japanese side Program coordinator) Precision Engineering Bio-MEMS
Takuji TAKAHASHI, Professor Electrical Engineering Nanoelectronics
Shoji TAKEUCHI, Professor Information Science and Technology Nanobiotechnology
Yasuyuki SAKAI, Professor Biochemical Organs and Biosystems Engineering
Hiroshi TOSHIYOSHI, Professor Electrical Engineering Integrated MEMS
Teru OKITSU, Project Professor Medical Science Medical Transplantation Engineering
Tomoaki SUZUKI, Senior Specialist of Administration Department Planning Section Accounting Division
Kazuko OKUDAIRA, Assistant clerk (IIS, Kim Laboratory, Mondays & Wednesdays)

French side management staff

Eric Leclerc, Professor CNRS Research director (Former LIMMS director)
Yumi HIRANO CNRS Administration engineer


Swiss side management staff

Juergen Brugger, Professor Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne