About JETMeE

Principles of JETMeE Program

In Japan-Europe Research Hub for Translational Medical Engineering (JETMeE)) Program, the University of Tokyo and research institutions of European universities engage in the promotion and the industrialization of academic research through the interaction of researchers in terms of the followings:

1.International Exchange

We, Japanese academia, establish an international research network platform in Europe for Japan-Europe translational research in Medical Engineering fields, capable of developing innovative medical devices.

2.Scientific Research

We aim to develop international standard medical devices, medical engineering technologies and regulatory science based on Bio-MEMS technologies.

3. Fostering of Researchers

We foster younger engineering researchers with a mindset to aim at medical application.


Japan-Europe Collaboration

Our program promotes the international relations and the exchanges of researchers by the following collaborations;


Social Implementation of Biomedical Integrated Systems

Our program establishes the translational research network platform in Europe by Japan-Europe collaboration, capable of developing innovative medical devices.